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00:00:00:00 jjklkjkljjkjljsssssssssssssssss
00:00:33:00 I'm in charge for all fictional programs coming from the German side of ARTE, co-productions, adquisitions of movies, shortfilms, and TV drama
00:00:45:00 History of ARTE from 1991 to now. French german channel.
00:01:15:00 What cultural channel means. No sports, no entertainment, no advertisement
00:01:27:00 The focus of ARTE . Ficition, documentary... also operas and ballet
00:01:41:00 We consider ourselves European
00:01:49:00 Begining of ARTE
00:02:00:00 Triangle: Arte France, German Arte (shareholders), broadcaster in Strasbourg
00:02:33:00 Shareholders
00:03:27:00 Focus on European movies, to buy and to invest
00:03:49:00 working on auteur cinema
00:04:04:00 driving forces for independent cinema
00:04:16:00 Coproducing 20 movies per year
00:04:36:00 theatrical release
00:04:47:00 facing new competitors buying out directors
00:04:59:00 The market changes
00:05:20:00 ZDF shareholders fictional programs. internationalisation.
00:05:45:00 Latin america, South East Asia,, theatrical distributions
00:06:25:00 only ones in Europe
00:06:38:00 all kind of films are looked for new and not so new producers.
00:06:57:00 different budgets first, second and third film
00:07:43:00 From the idea or the treatment. Working on the script.
00:08:20:00 Financing
00:08:22:00 broadcasters: ZDF and...
00:08:45:00 public funds money and people.
00:09:10:00 The story is important. Contemporary stories
00:09:20:00 Historical not so much but also
00:09:46:00 beginners only contemporary stories
00:10:03:00 A journey through European landscapes
00:10:21:00 The signature of a director
00:10:36:00 Lars Von Trier, Claire Denis, Aki kaurismäki, Anderson...
00:11:08:00 Emin Alper, third film, Syllas Tzoumerkas, Berlin or Cannes
00:11:33:00 Which kind of film for which festival. Visibility of the film
00:12:21:00 Working on social medias
00:12:42:00 web site
00:12:59:00 VR, Virtual reality
00:13:25:00 ARTE is a station from Mitterand... France and Germany
00:13:55:00 Different mentalities involved in decisions
00:14:20:00 Slots in Primetime. Complicated structure, political
00:15:25:00 the preassure of the ratings
00:15:58:00 all films to be dubbed
00:17:04:00 Arte and Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium, Luxembourg... Neither Spain nor Italy
00:17:54:00 Quality cinema. Tendency statistics
00:18:34:00 From 530 premieres to 445
00:18:54:00 numbers in assistance and shareholders. First time shown movies, TV premieres
00:20:02:00 Public TV vs Arte
00:20:27:00 movies for ARTE is a major program. The number of films is going down replaced by series.
00:20:59:00 German movies, ZDF, ARTE, American and European movies. None from Spain. U.K.
00:22:23:00 We are the only ones showing movies from Xina or from Japan
00:22:43:00 Quality films from Asia aquired.
00:23:03:00 How to approach ARTE. From the idea to the movie
00:24:18:00 The french and the german comitee.
00:25:08:00 Co-producers, contract in german, regional funds in Germany.
00:25:42:00 150% spent in Germany
00:26:29:00 Example; Lars Von Trier, North Westfalia, Black Forest
00:27:13:00 Shutting in Germany even if the film is based in Israel.
00:28:22:00 German co-producer vs French Coproducer
00:28:36:00 less flexible for coproduction in France
00:29:07:00 When you shoot the film... Presence or not of someone from ARTE during the movie
00:30:01:00 simple questions for a dialogue. Rough cut.
00:30:30:00 Kaurismaki films as an example
00:31:31:00 other directors
00:31:45:00 open the kind of films we do.
00:32:21:00 Accessible films, not so artistic. Invested in Spanish film about Luís Buñuel
00:33:10:00 invloved in a trilogy in Spain. big production, Dolores Redondo. Thriller, big production. San Sebastián, Claire Denis.Au travail... Juliette Binoche Science fiction film.
00:34:22:00 Boas Maneras, wolf movie in Sao Paolo. Romantic comedy, mixture of styles.
00:34:56:00 Think about audience.
00:35:25:00 The series from Amazon and Netflix. Bench watching. Online ratings
00:36:03:00 Our conclusion is to coproduce trilogies.
00:36:25:00 Easy Money, a crime movie in Stocholm
00:36:58:00 emigrant actors.
00:37:57:00 The streaming and website in ARTE
00:39:02:00 Spanish site of ARTE and other lamguages
00:39:35:00 Films documentaries subtitled in Spanish
00:39:50:00 the idea is to make, to spread the programs.
00:40:34:00 Pasolini
00:41:05:00 Kino club, European premieres, discoveries.. 5 slots per week.
00:42:03:00 Series, films, TV drama,
00:42:35:00 short film proram
00:43:05:00 Silent films, classics, ZDF envolved in the restauration of silent movies and coproduction of the musical score.
00:44:31:00 Every second year, 2019 La Roue, Abel Gance 7 hours of original score. Berlin Festival.
00:44:38:00 French series coproduced. can be seen online and on normal TV
00:45:58:00 Cinema website. "High Life" de Claire Denis in 360º.
00:46:45:00 Documentary. Les pères au cinéma. Masterclasses, Tom Cruise musicals...
00:47:40:00 Arte Cinema Website. Films that are purchased for the internet only for a few months, 2 or 3 months.
00:48:23:00 Silent movies
00:48:35:00 Coproducing documentaries about films.
00:48:58:00 Over a period of 2 weeks only films produced by ARTE.
00:49:06:00 TV premieres. Purely online festival. Films that did not find theatrical premiere release.
00:49:22:00 Virtual cinema. Size of the country. Tickets as lonk as it is not sold out. Third year doing this.
00:50:34:00 Normal free TV is not coming to an end. Virtual Cinema is a new way of distribution.
00:51:19:00 Polish films purchased by public TV
00:53:00:00 Online new models of distribution. Projects are not a problem to find.
00:53:43:00 Directors are not happy when their films are purchased by Netflix. Netflix pays the money but the directors do not see their public.
00:55:08:00 2 years after the theatrical release.
00:55:41:00 Respect to directors.
00:55:56:00 Any questions?
00:56:26:00 Xavi G. Puerto: Hot topics. There is money for production and not so much for distribution...
00:57:27:00 How to inprove distribution. Survival of director's driven movie.
00:58:02:00 Medium range budget from 2 to 6 million euros.
00:58:18:00 There is not yet a really strategy.
00:58:57:00 Craft Film Festival, third edition. Very low budget films. Micro-budget films
01:00:01:00 we do not care about the budget of the movie.
01:00:27:00 Do movies have to be coproduced either in Germany or France?
01:01:03:00 Coproductions with germany: for every 1 euro of public funds, 1,5 euros have to be spent in the German region.
01:01:32:00 How many first-time directors in ARTE?
01:02:00:00 Two budgets. One specially conceived for first time directors. 6 films per year. German films not counting.
01:02:38:00 Procedure of the roughcut. Next steps.
01:03:21:00 ARTE France do not whatch roughcuts, German ATE does.
01:04:18:00 Post-production 8000€ for ... in two rounds
01:05:18:00 Formated documentaries, 26 - 52 minutes. Social, historical, cultural documentaries
01:06:02:00 Feature length documentaries: We do not do it anymore due to the ratings
01:06:36:00 Programming feature films documentaries
01:07:11:00 ZDF 5 feature length documentary per years. Hot documentaries, spectacular.
01:08:11:00 Julian Assange movie turned out because of being a "personal movie"
01:08:50:00 Health documentaries.
01:09:39:00 feature films Michael Moore... Subjects
01:10:05:00 Afghanistan micro-budget movie Nothingwood. Salim Shaheen, Sonia Kronlund
01:10:54:00 Do you buy finished movies?
01:11:44:00 Context-depending
01:12:39:00 TV dramas are usually co-produced. Not purchased. 50+/- per year
01:13:14:00 ARTE France does not produce TV dramas. They might buy english spoken dramas.
01:13:54:00 Applause

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