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00:00:00:00 Good morning, Pedro...
00:00:15:00 Workshops on sustainability in 2015. What is the situation in Mallorca? Dificulties and obstacles?
00:00:30:00 We started in 2016 with a seminar Crew shooting around Europe Hamburg film commission. Technitians from the enviromental area.
00:01:00:00 2018 workshop with Emily O'Brian, New Yorik, and this year we did a meeting with local catering companies.
00:02:07:00 Content . 2020 implementing a protocol green shooting in a more structured way
00:02:28:00 Question to Luca Ferrario. Eco consultents. Waht are your expiriences with green productions?
00:02:55:00 Hello to everybody...
00:03:11:00 We have thought about giving an award extra money to those who implement more sustainable methods in the shooting...
00:05:08:00 You talked about regulations... How does this work?
00:05:39:00 We propose a list of actions that a producer can consider from the beginning
00:06:45:00 The very important thing is to have a sustainability plan from the beginning.
00:07:14:00 Pedro: Are you considering to apply this model in other parts of Mallorca or away?
00:08:36:00 We do need to apply it abroad. There is a discussion with European Commission to state general standards for Europe. Green Film Project. Green film rating system.
00:10:01:00 Green film logo
00:11:24:00 Certification for producers that apply the sustainable rules list.
00:12:14:00 There is a limit of Funds of 10.000€.
00:12:59:00 The producer's interest
00:14:22:00 There are different approaches to go green...
00:14:49:00 More accessibility for going green. In the future it has to become a standart.
00:15:25:00 2020 is a crucial year for this kind of questions.
00:16:23:00 International clients want better prices and applying green rules should not make production more expensive.
00:17:08:00 Differences between territories for going green. Other countries.
00:18:08:00 Waste management in Mallorca.
00:18:36:00 Waste management regulations. National law. Germany 2017 regulation: 50Kg of waste per week have obligations considering the management of waste
00:19:56:00 Thank you very much.


Duration: 20m 34s

Recorded at: 15.11.2019

Videoconferència amb Luca Ferrario, director del Trentino Film Fund and Commission i
Pedro Barbadillo, director de Mallorca Film Commission.

Modera Birgit Heidsiek.

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